Our Mission Statement

To provide food security for the long haul and build a vibrant farmers community and Agriculture experts.

We will:
– Grow crops and livestock to enhance sustainable food and meat distribution across Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.
– Provide Agricultural training, capacity development, youth empowerment and engagements
– Create a hub where researchers, practitioners and enablers across the Agric value chain converge and rub minds for improved practices.

Our Vision

To become a world class Agro-allied company and farm resort preferred by all and referenced by many as the catalysts for igniting youth’s interest in agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Corporate Responsibility

For several years, Xtreme Returns Farms has led the line in elevating the profile of its host communities and improving the standards of living of the people there through its various humanitarian initiatives such as
– Employment opportunity for the people
– Financial donations and support to the widows
– Provision of portable drinking water
– Financial assistance to several individuals in the community as part of entrepreneurial support.

Work With Us

Are you proactive and industrious? Are you a graduate in any of the Agriculture disciplines? Do you desire a challenging career in an organisation where excellence is the norm and you will be stretched beyond your wildest delivery imagination? Are you desirous of working in a fast-paced new generation farms with a lofty vision to rewrite the narrative of how agribusiness is done on the African continent?

If your answer to all of these questions is Yes, then you are a right fit for us. Send your resume and personal mission statement to careers@xtremereturns.com

Interns and applicants interested in short-term placement can also apply.


Why Choose Us

We prioritize sustainable farming methods, employing regenerative techniques that promote soil health, conserve water, and minimize environmental impact. By choosing us, you support a farm that is dedicated to nurturing the land for long-term viability.

We Are Specialized

In the early morning light, as the sun rises above the horizon, Xtreme Returns Farm engage in a myriad of activities that bring vitality to the land and sustenance to the community: they till the rich, fertile soil, meticulously preparing it for planting; they sow seeds with tender hands, fostering the promise of new life; they irrigate the fields, ensuring that each plant receives the nourishment it needs to thrive; they tend to their livestock, feeding and nurturing them with unwavering devotion; they mend fences, mend machines, and mend broken spirits, for theirs is a labor of resilience and unwavering commitment to the cycles of nature; they harvest the fruits of their labor, reaping the bountiful rewards of their toil, and with grateful hearts, they bring forth the abundance of the land to sustain and nourish their community.

Our Commitment

At our farm, we embrace a steadfast commitment to nurturing the land and fostering a sustainable environment that supports the well-being of both the earth and the community we serve. With a profound respect for the interconnectedness of all living beings, we strive to cultivate a harmonious balance between agriculture and nature.


Austin Joseph


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