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Harvesting Nature's Bounty: Cultivating Sustainable Agriculture for a Brighter Future

For over five years, Xtreme Returns Farms has been at the forefront of changing the narrative of agribusiness in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

Inspired by an unshakeable vision to become a world-class agro-allied entity and a farm resort that is preferred by all and referenced by many as the catalysts for igniting youth’s interest in agriculture, Xtreme Returns Farms has underlined its aspirations by registering its presence on the Nigerian agro landscape with an initial 800-hectare of fully mechanized farm holding.

And its uncompromising commitment to best practices as well as health and safety standards in all its processes have earned it a teeming number of corporate and industrial clientele in the manufacturing, agriculture, education, and other sectors of the economy.

Its consulting bouquet across the Agric value chain has also made it the toast of individuals, small, medium and large-scale enterprises who desire to improve their processes, their farm yields and management practices, or just update their existing knowledge in whatever Agric sub sector they operate.

Much has been said about the quality offerings (products and services) that emanate from the stable of Xtreme Returns Farms. That is because the company never stops reinventing itself, improving its processes and investing in training its workforce. By using quality and advanced farm equipment across its vast operations, the Farm is able to reduce costs and time, which in turn makes the prices of its products very competitive and affordable for all

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Our Cutting Edge

“ Lanscrop company puts the prestige on the top, we always have cheap price and superior quality, a gardening company you can put absolute trust. ”

Research and Development

We are pioneer in bringing the concept of design thinking to bear in Agriculture practices in sub-Saharan Africa. And this is because of our commitment to rigorous research and development in our processes, operations and management.

Well trained and Exposed

Our workforce, our major asset, are well drilled in farm operations and equipped for the most complex of farm management practices because of the structured and informal training regime they are regularly exposed to.

Value Chain Coverage

At Xtreme Returns Farms, we are not an opportunist farm business. Our 800-contiguous hectare holding was strategically procured so we can fulfill our mission and bring our quality pledge to bear in the Agric landscape.

Health & Safety Standards

We are renowned for our commitment to the strictest of health and safety standards in all our operations from land preparation to harvesting and then storage.

Hygienic & Quality Produce

Our farm produce, both crops and livestock, are in high demand because of our core value of integrity and best practices which ensure that they are planted, reared, managed, harvested and stored in hygienic ways that make for safe consumption by private and industrial consumers.

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Working Process

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