Xtreme Returns Farms provides experienced consulting advice for people looking to setup and run an agricultural business with 800 Hectares of farm land, mechanized farming equipment, a growing number of workers and training courses for farmers.

From the layout of the farm, down to how the products are packaged, it is important to seek expert advice and direction so you can earn good return on your investment.

Like many other businesses, setting up and running a farm takes experience in order to realize optimum results. Many entrepreneurs start agri-businesses, but unfortunately, not many of them are experienced enough to make these businesses successful. The reason for this is because capital and training is needed in order to succeed, which many don’t have. What this leads to is the inappropriate use of agricultural techniques, poorly managed capital, wrong advice from so-called gurus, and low quality farm produce.

Farms need to be properly designed to ensure efficiency. The right tools need to be used at the right time to ensure maximum returns.
We can both save you cost and time by applying our farming experience to help you setup your farm.
Even if you’re on a small budget, we’re available to train and guide you on all aspects, including acquiring land, surveys, appropriate locations, project setup, feasibility studies and necessary farm constructions.
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