Outgrower Scheme

Outgrower Scheme

The contract farming system of Xtreme Returns Farms, otherwise called Outgrower® Scheme, is designed to benefit smallholders and partner businesses, with a deliberate intent to help them scale, improve efficiency and drive sustainability along the agricultural supply chains.

The Outgrower® Scheme boasts a growing network of smallholder farmers who are availed a robust exposure to domestic and international buyers. Whilst the scheme is advantageous to players along the supply chain, it also affords buyers the opportunity of improving their control over crop supply at pre-agreed prices and crop quality standards. Farmers signed up on the Outgrower® scheme can access more secure markets, whilst receiving technical and financial support by cultivating within the scheme. So everyone wins!

With a mind to address some of the gaps in sustainable agriculture in the country, the Outgrower® Scheme is facilitating greater private sector investment in the agric sector, bringing smallholder farmers into mutually beneficial partnerships and increasing their incomes by improving yields through training, access to credit and markets.

With our famed dedication to best practices, the Outgrower® is structured to achieve a win-win situation between Xtreme Returns Farms and its smallholder farmers by exploring mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties in the scheme.

To learn more about the Outgrower® Scheme or to sign up as a grower, please click here.


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