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Agro-processing has been called the path to Nigeria’s Industrial Revolution, and with good reasons too. The Industrial Revolution Plan released by the Federal Government in 2014 placed Agriculture and the Agro-allied industry at the heart of their plans. With the focus of the government on the transition from dependency on crude oil to a more diversified economy, there is no better time than now to tap into the billion-dollar market the Agricultural sector offers anyone with a business mindset.

If you are a farmer seeking to expand your operations along the Agric value chain, or an investor who wants to venture into Agro-processing and you would like to arm yourself with both practical and theoretical knowledge in the sector before investing your funds Then, this course is designed for you!

Course Outline

Our trainers, themselves experts in their fields, will instruct you on the nuances of operating profitably in the Nigerian Agro-Processing Industry. In a clime where the primary produce from the soil does not make for much cheer, except you add value to it by processing into a semi-finished or finished product, it is a smart move to begin a business in Agroprocessing.

That is why this course is designed to help you become a smart Agro-Processor by teaching topics that are styled to your needs and interests.

The module is designed to acquaint you with the relevant information you
need to operate profitably in the Nigerian Agro space.

Target Audience

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