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Gain insights as a Cassava farmer on how to get optimum yield each planting season with this training course.

Course Introduction

Do you have an interest in farming and you need to gain expertise in your
identified area of specialisation?
Would you like to gain more insights as a Cassava farmer on how to get
optimum yield each planting season?
Are you an investor with an interest in the agricultural sector, but not
enough knowledge as to where to invest your funds?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this course is for

Nigeria is currently the world’s largest producer of cassava; followed by Thailand, Brazil and Indonesia. Still, the country is not one of the major exporters of cassava, as many people have not taken advantage of this huge market. However, before you rush in, it is important that you get the technical know-how to thrive in the sector, and that is what this training will do for you.

It will:


Course Outline

Training Details

The Pro Cassava-Farmer Training is unique as it not only teaches you how to plant cassava, but also exposes you to the other factors affecting your yield. The module will acquaint you with both general and specialised knowledge in Cassava Processing in Nigeria.

In the first segment, you will be taught the basics, such as the type of land most suitable for planting Cassava and how to prepare the land before planting for a good output. The second segment encompasses learning such as how to identify good stems and how to plant for better yields.

You will also learn about the climate and soil type that best suit Cassava cultivation as well as fertilizer application. In the third segment, you will learn about the diseases and pest types that Cassava plants are prone to, what makes them more prone to these as well as what to do when your plants are affected; when and how to harvest Cassava Processing in Nigeria and products that can be processed from your yield.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to position yourself as one of the elite cassava farmers out there!

At the end of this course, you will:

Target Audience
This course is designed to benefit anyone who has an interest in Cassava planting and harvesting, both long term and short term.

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