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Transform Maize planting into a highly profitable business with this Training Course. Enroll Today! augue dictum eu. Aenean venenatis ultricies lectus nec ornare. Cras sed pharetra dolor, id tristique nunc. Sed lacus dui, tincidunt vitae justo non, maximus hendrerit ipsum.

Course Introduction

Maize remains one of the most common crops in Nigeria. It grows well in almost every state in Nigeria and produces high yields making it one of the most profitable farming ventures. Because maize is used for both human and animal feed, and is still useful for industrial purposes, any farmer investing in maize farming should expect to make a respectable earning. 

However, things must be done properly to guarantee maximum yield.

Are you a maize farmer concerned about how to increase your yield?

Are you a farmer who has not been able to crack the profit making code of maize farming?

Or are you an investor who is not satisfied with knowing little or nothing about the business you are investing in?

If so, then this training is for you! With growing emphasis being placed on farming, it is important that you focus on gaining more expertise in your field; especially since it would;

Course Outline

Training Details

This training boasts facilitators who are prepared to walk you through the processes of maize farming from how to plant, what things to watch out for when planting, and how to monitor the growth of your crops from planting to harvesting.

The Master Maize Farmer is a training that focuses on how help trainees turn their interests in planting maize into a highly profitable business. That is why the course would teach the economic benefits of maize and other factors for efficient maize cultivation. 

All these will be covered in the first segment of the course. The second segment will cover ecological conditions for planting maize; nutrient, water and weed management, that is, how best to control weeds that are almost inevitable and have as many of your maize plants survive.

The last segment covers harvesting techniques for the Maize plants. This course is an opportunity too big to miss. You can start earning as soon as you put the knowledge you have gained to use! 

At the completion of the course, you will have

Target Audience

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