Weed & Pest Control

Crop Farming at Xtreme Returns Farms

At Xtreme Returns Farms, we employ intensive crop farming methods such as agricultural machinery, advanced farming methods as well as necessary farming technology needed to achieve large scale production.
In modern times, crop farming is intensive and involves the industrialized production of crops. Presently we produce two crops: Maize and Cassava

Our weed and pest control solution is comprehensive on-farm management approach with various improved methods eliminate common weeds, insects and diseases such as black grass, broad-leveled weeds, brome, cleavers, docks, may weed, nettles, rye grass, thistles, wild oats as well as minimize common pest problems such as frit fly, leather jackets, weevil, aphid, leaf beetles, hessian fly, wheat bulb fly and many more to guarantee optimum crops outputs.


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