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Course Introduction

Do you have plans to start a business in pig farming?


Are you a pig farmer in search of a way to advance your established business
and earn more?


Will you like to leverage on the latest knowledge in pig farming for operational


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then, this training is for you!

The high reproductive rate of pigs coupled with the increasing demand for pork makes pig farming in Nigeria a very lucrative enterprise. Taking part in this training will help you;

Course Outline

Training Details

Our classes involve both practical and theoretical aspects of pig farming
designed to expose participants to the nitty-gritty of pig farming.

Leverage on this opportunity to get that expertise and start earning big!

The Pig Farming Advancement Training will not only teach you how to deal with
the challenges that come with piggery, it will also avail you the best way to rear
pigs to multiply your litter.

The first segment of the training will introduce you to the concept of pig farming.
It will also expose you to the different breeds of pigs and their individual

The second segment of the training covers the best practices in breeding pigs,
which entails the types of feed suitable for pigs based on the criteria of age, sex
and purpose of rearing (either for consumption or breeding).

The last segment focuses on housing management, diseases and parasite
control. Additionally, this segment also identifies the disorders that could arise in
their reproduction and the parasites that could affect reproduction.

At the end of the course, you will:

Target Audience

This training is designed to accommodate both budding and experienced
piggery owners and investors keen on having a first-hand information of what
the business entails.


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